Wooting two - Full-size Analog input Mechanical Keyboard

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  • US ANSI, Linear80 Black, Linear55 Red, Clicky55 Blue

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    Flaretech switch


    $50 - Flaretech Big Switch pack (pre-order)


    Funded by the community

    A Mechanical Keyboard

    The typing experience on the Wooting two is extremely satisfying thanks to the very smooth and linear Flaretech switches. There’s no scratchy feel, or uneven distribution of force.

    Keyboard typing

    Enjoy true N-key rollover (NKRO) and anti-ghosting. The Wooting two can see and report all 104/105 keys at the same time. 

    With Analog input

    Take analog control of your games with the analog input keys, just like a joystick controller. Never lose immersion and gain smooth steering control in games such as GTA5, PUBG, Rocket League, Track Mania, Dirt 4, and etc.

    Rocket league analog input

    Hot-swappable Switches

    hot-swappable switches

    Customize your keyboard switch layout and typing experience with the hot-swappable flaretech switches.

    Flaretech optical switches

    Order Switch packs with your Wooting two. Details on the switch pack page.

    In-depth review of the analog switches by Chyrosran22.

    Competitive input speed

    We leveraged the optical switch technology and optimized our firmware for the fastest possible input speed.

    Input speed wooting keyboard

    Learn more on what influences input speed and how we measured it.

    Unique Analog features

    Adjustable actuation point

    Adjust the keyboard actuation point anywhere between the 1.5 to 3.6mm on each profile.

    Adjustable actuation point

    Double Keystroke (DKS)

    Bind multiple inputs at different actuation points with DKS. The new advanced DKS allows more complex bindings based on key press down and up events.

    League of Legends casting dks

    Or learn how 3Kliksphilip leveraged analog input in Counter-strike: Global Offensive.

    Just enough RGB

    No bullshit software

    The Wootility configuration software help change the settings saved on your Wooting keyboard.

    Wootility software

    Developer Friendly

    Developer? We <3 you. Take a look at our Developer portal and start to make custom applications for our open-source RGB and Analog SDK.

    Excellent build Quality

    We saved no expenses in our choice of material and general build quality. We’re known for our strict quality assurance and take great care to deliver nothing but the best.

    embossed wooting logo

    Happy Customers

    Google us, read the reviews or join the Discord. You don't just get a keyboard, you join the team. Ask us any questions on Discord or send an email to social@wooting.nl.

    Package contains:

    Wooting two keyboard

    • 104/105x Red, Blue or Black Flaretech switches.

    • Braided USB-A to USB-C cable

    First aid kit:

    • 1x Keycap/switch puller

    • 5x Top plate screws

    • 2x Linear55 Red (backup) Flaretech switches

    • 2x Clicky55 Blue (backup) Flaretech switches

      Minimal system requirements:

      • Windows 7/8/10 - Mac OSX* - Linux*
      • 1 USB port
      • The internet – Optional for downloading the Wootility

      *Mac OSX and Linux do not officially support Xinput and all the in-game analog input features shown. 

      Technical specification

      Form factor

      100% - Full-size - 104/105 keys


      Per key programmable RGB


      Detachable USB-A to USB-C


      Flaretech Optical switches (Get more here)


      ABS laser backlight (Upgrade here)

      Dimensions LxWxH

      460 x 150mm x 39mm. Height is from table to highest point keycap.



      N-Key rollover





      1000Hz (<1ms)



      On-board memory

      Yes - up to 4 profiles

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 44 reviews
      wooting two

      the pros:

      the wooting two is a very nice keyboard with nothing that screams GAYMER on the font or design. the fuctionality is perfect with smooth AF keystrokes better than cherry reds, nice rgb lighting and hot swappable keys. it feels very pleasent to type on and was well worth the price tag. gaming on the wooting two can be described as cheating with having analog input with games that support it and multiple actions per keystroke. the software wootility is ituitive and pleasant to use while even featuring a dark mode for mushrooms. i am impressed with the quallity of the product and support. this could be your next lifetime keyboard

      the cons:

      some wooting twos pass QA with some slight variations that can cause noticable issues. for example, my Lshift key has a little bump where it bottoms out if i press the top right corner of it, for my Rshift key it feels just a tad bit stiff as well when pressing it on thye top left corner. though it is not noticable if you actualy press on the key evenly vs apply some odd forces by pressing on one side.


      if you are debating on buying a wooting one or wooting two, pick the one that is right for you and throw money at these guys. you will not be disapointed. just dont expect some games to support both controller and mouse at the same time

      Analog Support Hit or Miss

      Unfortunately, the main purpose of the keyboard is often unable to be used due to many games not supporting two inputs at once. Besides that, it is a great keyboard.

      Great keyboard, hard setup

      Keyboard functions perfectly but it just takes some time to do key-mapping on games. Hardware wise the keyboard is great. Just on the software is where it lacks a bit with automatic key-mapping.

      Really great keyboard, but the analog isn't really useful...

      The wooting two is really a very great keyboard for it's price.

      But I found myself in a few situations where I wanted to use the analog, but gave upe because the game didn't completely support having both keyboard/mouse inputs and "gamepad" inputs, and also because it is very hard to be precise when pressing the keys. Though the analog fonctionnality is great fot using "Dynamic Key Stokes" (pressing different keys when you press less or more a key), but here too you need to be precise, and when you are focused on a game it needs more time to learn. Also, the DKS feature let you configure only 4 positoons (start pressing, finished pressing,s tart releasing, back to initial position) which leads me to the second part of this review.

      The software is very incomplete, especially on the RGB effect where it could be waaayy better.. I ended up using Aurora just to set up some very basic effects that I couldn't do here. It is far from being empty, but there is so much things that could be added. It is still very recent, and updates will probably come and add new features, but right now it's been months without anything.

      With the analog feature being more like a funny gadget and the software being very basic with RGB configurations, the Wooting keyboard are just good mechanical RGB keyboards, without any special macro key separate media controls, volume wheel or other fancy feature. But I really think that the whole keyboard could be way more useful with a better DKS feature and other things like Macros and more RGB customization.

      That being said, the Wooting Two (which I am using right now) is still a very robust, elegant and efficient keybord, so if you are looking for a great mechanical keyboard to type or play games with extra features being secondary, you cwill certainly be satisfied. One thing is sure, she will surely stay on my desk for years.

      (sorry for my English)

      Wooting 2

      I really like the aesthetics of the keyboard, the lighting really pops. I havent used the keyboard for the main reason of getting this keyboard, the sensitive control, thats not to say i am not able to tell/feel how the keys are affected by it. With that i have noticed that a key or 2 do not activate at the same pressure/level that it should and those keys are apart of the main keys used in most games,
      This keyboard took me some time to get used to it and im still getting used to it but after the first week i felt like it would be fine, i used to use a somewhat old Logitech keyboard. My biggest fear was that for the price, i was going to miss out on what i could get on a Logitech keyboard and how good the lighting is. Lightnings good but rgb fx does seem to have less to choose from than Logitech. Worst part was the delivery time, while i knew it was gonna take a long time it still made me uneasy not hearing anything about the keyboard until it nearly got to NA. For the most part im happy with my choice.

      + these guys are still growing.